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Of course, our desire is to see souls "born again" and become productive members of the Body of Christ.

However, our vision is to teach "the message of the Cross, the Blood of Jesus, and the message of Grace". Our emphasis is to show Christians that the only way they can be set free from any physical or spiritual bondage caused by sin or any and all subsequent fruit of a certain sin, is to understand what was accomplished at Calvary by the Blood of Jesus. The Holy Spirit exposes our deficiencies; He then exposes Jesus as the solution. We are convicted of our need and then convicted that Jesus is the supply. But He is more than just a fix for the pain. He is the satisfaction that our souls were seeking when we were enticed by sin. The solution is revealed as a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Why would we teach anything less? Why do we long for lessons for better living when we have the Gospel which is the Power of God unto salvation?

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Message, Not the Messenger

The foundational message of the new covenant – "Jesus Christ and Him crucified" – is our message. Every problem sin caused is addressed in the Cross of Christ. Anyone who purposely makes something other than the Cross of Christ the object of his faith will fail. This is the only way! It delivers Believers from the ultimate penalty of sin and death. All Victory is found in the Cross, all Power, all Glory, all healing, all deliverance. Jesus offers Believers a great benefit package that no one can match, everything the atonement provides to the Believer in provided only when our faith is focused only on Christ as the Source and the Cross as the means.

Paul had only one message that he said he preached and that was "Jesus Christ and Him crucified" (I Corinthians 1:17-18 & 23; II Corinthians 2:2). We hear God preached a lot, we hear Jesus preaches some, we hear sermons on the Holy Spirit very little, but "Jesus Christ and Him crucified", is never taught or preached in some churches. Just because the Blood or the Cross is referred to in a message does not mean that they are preaching what Paul taught.

Unless we teach that the Blood and the Cross is the ONLY answer to any and all of mankind problems and do not stray from that message as the ONLY cure for any of today's problem, we are NOT teaching the same message as Paul taught that was given to him by revelation from the Holy Spirit.

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Knowledge, but Not Understanding

The body of Christ today has a tremendous amount of knowledge but little understanding, and in many cases, lacks the wisdom on how to use their knowledge.

Religion has become a man-made system and the church has become a referral service. But, any solution to sin and its consequences that does not center on the "Cross of Christ" is only a temporary "fix" at best. It is like putting a band aid on a sore. You can only overcome the problem by putting your faith in the Blood and the Cross of Jesus Christ. This alone is the only way to "Victory" because every problem we face was conquered there.

Some seem so elated because they are accepted into anti-Christian environments to present the principle of Scripture and even the moral teaching of Jesus. They seem to think this enough to satisfy the mandate of gospel teaching. But any depiction of Jesus that does not include His unique nature, His perfect life, His substitutionary death, His bodily resurrection, His victorious ascension, and the subsequent decent of the Holy Spirit is a false image of the Savior. Those who believe in this false image have the impression that they actually believe in Jesus. Wrong Jesus! Bad teaching!

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